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2020 – Corona pandemic – the whole world is changing. Also we.CONECT conferences will be different this year. We have accepted that. But we refuse to let a year go by in which we cannot bring together the most important decision makers of your industry and your topic within the framework of our unique networking concept. Of course, as a responsible host, the health of our employees, participants and partners is our highest priority. To ensure this, agile, new and flexible ideas are needed – that’s why we have developed SDNS – Smart Distancing & Networking Concept for our participants and employees.

Our Smart Distancing & Networking Concept (SDNC) is based on the recommendations of the Research Institute for Exhibition and Live-Communication (R.I.F.E.L.), which were developed by renowned experts in event management and medicine for business conferences. We have adapted and refined the most important recommendations for our we.CONECT Smart Distancing & Networking Concept so that you as our customers can continue to participate in our high-quality conferences and do again what distinguishes our communities most: Intensive exchange of ideas, Smart Networking, Safe Business.

10 guidelines for a smart participant- & onsite staff management

In order to trace and narrow down possible chains of infection, all participants and visitors are recorded with their contact details via our ticket & registration system hubs:101. Check-in and check-out of participants of a we.CONECT event is 100% contactless.

During the whole duration of the we.CONECT event it is ensured that no unauthorized persons can enter the event area. Only registered participants and partner companies are allowed to enter a we.CONECT event.

At we.CONECT events the access control and the corresponding distance regulations are regulated and guaranteed by our event app hubs:101 via self-check-in and with the help of a traffic light system, which shows how many people are checking in at the moment.

we.CONECT will appoint a hygiene officer at each conference to ensure that hygiene standards are maintained in accordance with our Smart Distancing & Networking Concept and the relevant ISO standards.

Each we.CONECT conference will be opened by the we.CONECT hygiene officer with an introduction to the hygiene protection measures in place at the conference venue and the necessary rules of conduct, responsibilities and contacts.

The number of persons working simultaneously within the venue is reduced by equalisation already during the set-up and dismantling work and by forming smaller working groups with fixed working areas. Consideration of the hygiene regulations, the distance regulations and the other occupational safety standards SARS-CoV-2 (BMAS) is guaranteed at all times.

By recording all participants of the various trades in advance and by completely recording the attendance and absence times at the event location, we will make all persons involved in the event, including contact data, available to the health authorities at all times, also in the aftermath of the event, in order to trace possible chains of infection.

Symptomatic persons will be denied access to the event location (even with mild symptoms).

In case of symptoms within the event location, a FFP-2 mask without valve will be applied to any participants. The event location will be left isolated immediately and the we.CONECT team will point out the necessity of an immediate medical clarification.

We will also recommend the use of the current tracing app to our participants.

10 rules for a smart event location & expo concept

Visitor Flow Management

Our event locations are divided into zones to achieve a controlled distribution of participants. The number of participants at we.CONECT events is limited according to the space and the individually adapted SDNS concept.


Door handles, handrails on staircases, frequently used surfaces (furniture, tables, counters, toilets, especially toilet flushing, taps etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected regularly (several times per hour) with our partners and by the we.CONECT staff.


In the lecture-, expo-, and workshop rooms an adequate ventilation will be ensured by the partner hotel and the we.CONECT staff. We guarantee the use of the maximum number of square meters in the exhibition & lecture areas.

Waiting Areas

Sufficiently large waiting areas will be set up to maintain the minimum distances.

Sanitary Facilities

Concerning the sanitary facilities, floor markings will ensure the minimum distance of 1.5m at all times.

Floor Markings

In lecture- workshop and catering/expo areas the minimum distance is guaranteed by our onsite team and appropriate floor markings.

Hygiene Plan

we.CONECT will draw up cleaning and disinfection plans with the participating partner companies, which clearly show which surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected by which responsible staff, how often and with what product.


All employees who prepare, deliver or serve open food or drinks will wear their mouth and nose protection and will be trained accordingly on our Smart Distancing & Networking Concept.

Disinfectant Stations

At all entrances and exits of the venue, dispensers with disinfectant are placed in a clearly visible position. Furthermore, we will individually install at least 1 dispenser per 50 visitors at neuralgic spots within the venue. In the toilet facilities, sufficient dispensers with disinfectant will also be provided by our partner hotels.

Movement Management

Movement areas in which event visitors move to the respective event content and sections, e.g. corridors, staircases, escape and rescue routes, accreditation, cloakroom as well as entrances and exits to the event location are separated from each other and marked accordingly. The we.CONECT Onsite Team will ensure the minimum distances at all times when entering and exiting the event location.

10 rules for a smart networking concept

Basically all persons involved and present must carry their mouth and nose protection with them and in case of a malfunction (e.g. evacuation, fire etc.) they must follow the instructions of the we.CONECT staff. Contraventions can lead to exclusion of persons.

Additionally we.CONECT will provide sufficient mouth-and-nose protection and hand it over if required.

In all areas of a we.CONECT event location where participants can stay stationary for a period of time, such as lecture areas, workshop rooms, catering areas, accreditation, cloakroom areas, sanitary facilities etc. the generally valid minimum distance of 1.5m between persons is guaranteed at any time.

Seating plans include appropriately dimensioned seat and passage widths.

Participation and interaction concepts such as our World Cafes, Icebreaker Sessions and Challenge your Peers take place with the corresponding distance rules and appropriate table concepts.

Crowds of people around exhibition booths, stands, workshops are limited with the help of targeted One2Ones during breaks and corresponding minimum distance rules.

During a One2One the mouth and nose protector must be worn.

At our evening events such as Icebreakers & Networking Dinners, we pay attention to the practical implementation of appropriate distance rules both in the selection of the location and in the implementation of the evening event.

In addition, intensive networking can be carried out virtually via Video One2Ones, Chats & Group Chats before, during and after the event by the participants.

Business cards can be exchanged contactless and digitally via our event app hubs:101 (QR Code Scanning / Lead Retrieval).

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