Bayer Video Case Study

    Video Case Study: Creating a "Virtuous Cycle" with CMOs and 3PLs

    Fill in the form below to view the case study from Luiz Barberini, Operations Manager – External Manufacturing Latin America Consumer Health, Bayer AG as he shares his insights on the topic: Creating a “Virtuous Cycle” with CMOs and 3PLs 

    In this case study, Luiz Barberini focused on the following topics:

    • Moving beyond standard governance models for Relationship Management; current challenges on Brazilian scenario that can benchmark other business
    • How to develop mutual values and goal alignment
    • Examining the crossroads of outsourcing: Partnership vs. Relationship; Reliability vs. Commitment; Productivity vs. Costs: Striving for productivity and
    • Achieving consistent high service levels through the “Virtuous Cycle”
    • Improving external relationship management for more effective Contract Manufacturing results

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